Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Sunshine Award


I've been given a Sunshine Award by Darnielle! The idea for this award is "that you nominate 11 bloggers who put a little sunshine in your day, who are positive, creative and inspiring."

Warm fuzzies! Thanks, Darnielle!

Sunshine Award Rules

You have to post a picture of the Sunshine Award in the blog post.
Post 11 random facts about yourself.
Answer the 11 questions from the blogger who nominated you.
Nominate 11 wonderful bloggers.
Write 11 questions for them to answer.
Also let the bloggers you nominated know you have nominated them.

11 Random Facts About Me

1. One of my favourite meals is Watties Very Special Creamy Tomato Soup with Cruskits and margarine or butter. That is what I had for lunch and dinner actually.
2. I like cleaning. That's what I've been doing all day.
3. So far I have had 14 piercings all up, including those in each ear (4 in each lobe). Eyebrow, labret, industrial (which requires two holes in the upper part of the ear), and, um, two lower than my face but higher than my navel. I still have the lobes and one cartilage piercing.
4. I have three tattoos: two very small ones and one big ass one on my side. I plan on getting many, many more when I can afford to.
5. I would love to have 4 children but will have to live with 2 (unless by some miracle I get pregnant with a second that turns out to be triplets -- don't tell J I said that...)
6. I have been overseas twice: once to Fiji for two weeks which was awesome, and once to the Gold Coast in Australia, which was also awesome.
7. When I see shows (like magic ones, circuses, stuff at theme parks) I get abnormally excited and do a lot of "Whhoooo!"-ing. I don't really know that I'm doing it when I'm doing it, but I feel very embarrassed after. I just get so excited and childlike wonder kicks in and I just can't not.
8. I've always thought it might be neat to be in one of those Colonial reenactment reality shows, where you go and live like they did 150 years ago with the whole family. I have no idea why I think this would be 'neat' because the reality is that it would be 'hard' and 'not-as-clean' and 'no internet', but yeah.
9. I've been obsessed with the '90s since the '90s, therefore I'm way more badass than all these kids going on about the '90s right now. They don't even know, they were barely born.
10. My sister brought a bunch of Japanese stationery back with her after she went to Japan, and I've been crazy about Japanese stationery since. I particularly remember 3 small erasers that came in milk carton shaped boxes and they smelled like coconut. I really wanted to eat them, but I didn't.
11. I used eat soap as a child, and any sort of cleaning product if I could get at it, and also dog biscuits. Yeah, I'm weird, I know. But, really, no one can say they weren't warned about it because it was clearly obvious from an early age.

The Questions

Do you speak any languages other then English? If so, which one(s) and how well?
I know a very small amount of French, from when I took the two introductory courses at uni back in 2010. I am extremely rusty and I really can't converse at all right now, but I do understand some spoken and written basics still.

Do you like your handwriting? (Provide a sample if you like!)
It has its moments of being awesome, but my lecture notes are actually terrifying. I was going to do up a sample, but I'm really tired and can't be fucked now. :p

What are you afraid of, if anything?
Honestly, everything, but I'm getting better at facing those fears and becoming desensitized to many of them. I think, right now, probably something horrible going wrong next year which either prevents or makes it extremely difficult to finish my degree. I am also afraid of not being able to have my own biological children.

What is your favourite smell?
Jasmine, lavender, and vanilla. Not together though, that would suck.

Did you have any pets growing up? If so, what were they and their names?
We had loads. I don't remember how many budgies and what they were called, or the chickens.

Cats: Splotch (technically my sister's), Hempie (he came with that name, I think), Ajax (black)*, Panther (white)*, Lucky (my own!), Sky (also my own), and Tyson (sister's). Then we had several years with no cats until I found my baby girl, Molly, in 2005. Now she, Lola (also mine, from an ex's family when they moved), and Misty (adopted because her family moved to Canada), live with my parents on their farm.

That is a lot of cats... But I loved every single one of them.

Dogs: Major (lab mix), Zarah (Alsatian), and Sally (golden retriever mix?) from before I was born or when I was very little. They all passed by about 1995ish. Around that year we inherited my great-grandmother's chihuahua, Bunny. Then my brother brought home a neglected pup rescued from a neglected mother that lived in a neglected front garden somewhere. In 2001 I got my first puppy, Lucy, a staffy mix from the SPCA. In 2003 my sister's dog, Puppy, a chihuahua, came to live with us because they moved overseas. In 2010, my parents got a puppy, Missy, from friends. She's a mastiff cross. Last year my parents also got a cattle working dog, Girl, who needed a new home, and in the last couple of months they've also been looking after my grandma's dog, Daisy (corgi crossed with Alsatian).

I had a goat when I was little, called Gumdrop, because my grandparents farmed goats as well at the time and she was one of the ones that needed hand-feeding.

I also had two mice, Salt and Pepper (named for both the rappers and their colours), some zebra finches at one point (the boy was called Chaos but I can't remember the girl's name), and a frog (Elmo).

We gave a home to our first rabbit, Eleanor, when I was about 6, then when he (the original owner thought he was a she) died my grandma bought my mum a new bunny, Abbie. We also rescued a bunny from the SPCA in Gisborne when I volunteered there.

I also used to own two guinea piggies, Bella and Margo, who are now living with my parents because I am apparently allergic to them and hay. This is lame because they are awesome, but I got sick too much.

I think that it is? So many. But the theme is as follows: we will take your unwanted pets because we're really nice and will love them.

Do you prefer sweet, salty or savoury snacks?
I just like snacks? It does depend on my mood, I suppose. If I'm perioding, then I'm all over sweet snacks, otherwise I'm probably more of a salty and savoury person.

Which of the seven deadly sins is the one you engage in most often (lust, greed, gluttony, wrath, envy, pride or sloth)?
Literally all of them, all of the time. Ok, I'm not too greedy, and I don't want to kill anyone from wrath. I would say gluttony and sloth probably the most. I am also very lustful. I'm definitely going to hell.

What was/is your favourite subject at school?
In primary and high school, art. At university, my two most favourite have been psychology and anthropology.

What is your favourite song at this very moment?
I have been listening to a lot of Alice In Chains the last few days and I adore the MTV unplugged version of 'Would?'

Can you draw?
Yes but I'm well out of practice. If I wasn't so slothy I'd take a photo of some old drawings. I'm not brilliant at drawing from my head anymore, though. Usually I prefer to have some reference material (because I'm so bloody out of practice...).

Imagine that you have unlimited funds to build your own house. Describe what it’d be like.
THIS IS MY DREAM QUESTION OMG HOW DID YOU KNOW?? I have several versions for this:
A mid-century modern home, something like the first image in this article, or this, or this would do.
A large log cabin style home on the edge of a lake, a bit like this.
Or, an American style Victorian, like this (see also on this page the ranch, log cabin, and southwestern styles because I like 'em too).
I think my most wanted would be a mid-century modern style home, though. I would just have to hypnotise my boyfriend into also liking it...

*They preceded me in the family, but I find it funny that Ajax, the cleaning product, is white but the cat was black, and that Panther was white when actual panthers are black. Confused family! :D

I tag...

I don't really know who to tag because although I read a lot of blogs, most of the authors have no idea who I am and I just feel weird about tagging them. Also, the other people I would tag have already done this, or been tagged to do it. Or don't post anymore.

BUT, if you want to tag yourself and pass this lovely award on some more, here are 11 questions you can answer:

1. If you had two kids, a boy and girl, what would you name them? Even if you don't want kids and hate them with a passion, you have to name them because I said so.
2. Describe your dream holiday.
3. Do you cook? If so, what is someone you cook really well?
4. Are you a bar soap or liquid soap/shower gel person?
5. What thing would you like to be invented in the future?
6. What was your favourite TV show as a child?
7. How many emails are in your inbox right now? How many of those are from actual people and not newsletters or whatever?
8. If you were to become rich (at least $5 million), would you honestly donate any of it? Why or why not? If yes, to which charity?
9. Are you a PC or Mac person? Why?
10. Do you drive?
11. Do you have any stuffed animals from your childhood?


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